Why The Axe is the Ultimate Survival Tool

The axe is one of the most venerable tools in the arsenal of a woodsman. Having a storied history of use all throughout recorded history, axes have been a mainstay in basic survival since their conception. The ability of a solid axe to chop, split, and fell … [Read More...]


5 Basic Survival Skills to Keep You Alive

5 Basic Survival Skills There are 5 Basic Outdoor Survival Skills that everyone who ventures into the Outdoors should understand and be fully aware of their potential need and use. This is a just brief outline, not a full explanation of all the requirements … [Read More...]



SPACE Brand EMERGENCY BLANKET is about the size of a package of cigarettes, but opens to a 56" (142cm) by 84" (214cm) tough and durable blanket. Manufactured by MPI since 1964 of the finest polyester material and purest vacuum deposited aluminum for the … [Read More...]



The SPACE Brand ALL WEATHER BLANKET is a by-product of the super insulating materials originally developed by MPI for NASA. This blanket will reflect and help retain over 80% of radiated body heat, providing warmth and protection, even in sub zero … [Read More...]


The Best Outdoor Netting Product

Regardless of where your outdoor adventure travels may take you, East from the rolling Appalachians to the Western majestic peaks of Yosemite, from the beautiful Northern Boundary Waters to the Southern swampy bayous of Louisiana, biting insects can and will … [Read More...]


Collection of Outdoor Knowledge and Survival Tips

Easy Fire Starting Tinder One of the critical elements to starting a fire in the wilderness is to get good tinder to ignite easily so you can build your fire on top of this initial ignition point. Most people rely on available pine needles, bird's nest, dry … [Read More...]


Best Survival Hiking and Mountaineering Boots Guide

Don't let DEFEAT be caused by failure of "The Feet" Your feet are your primary mode of transportation, your support and your way in and out of most wilderness areas. An uncomfortable and ill-fitting pair of boots is like having a flat tire on a car with NO … [Read More...]


Survive the Wilderness with these Fire Facts

Whenever you build any fire, for warmth, overnight, or for cooking, get all the materials together in their proper place, before you strike your match. Matches are one of your most valuable physical assets in the outdoors, and haste and poor preparation defeat … [Read More...]


What To Put In You Kids Survival Kit

Kid's Survival Kit INTRODUCTION TO PARENTS Take a child with you into the outdoors and what will transpire will be a winning and enjoyable lifetime experience, for you and for the child.   No one wants to think about their child being lost and … [Read More...]