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You Can Survive
"Everything You Need to Survive - in a Can

YOU CAN SURVIVE is a 6 ounce can that measures less than 2 1/2" in height and 3 1/2" in circumference. The sealed, watertight, reusable steel CAN contains a compact outdoor survival stove, fuel, matches and emergency nourishment supplements. The steel CAN itself becomes the cooking pot or a drinking cup. YOU CAN SURVIVE contains the following practical, useful and potentially life saving survival items, that are pressure sealed inside the easy open ring pull top can that can be resealed with the enclosed plastic cover cap for storage:

Folding Wing Stove Hard Candy for Energy
4 Heat/Fire Tablets 1 Water Storage Bag
2 Tea Bags 2 Packs Instant Broth
2 Sugar Packets 1 Piece Aluminum Foil
1 Box Damp-Proof Matches 1 Pack Hi-Energy Drink

You Can Survive

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YOU CAN SURVIVE when used in concert with some practical "Outdoor Common Sense", will provide nourishment and a very much needed psychological advantage to anyone who becomes lost or stranded in the wilderness. Because of its small size and limited weight, can easily be carried in a jacket pocket, a fanny pack, a backpack or stored in a truck, boat, car, camper or cabin, to be available if and when it is needed. The container is watertight and all the food items have long shelf lives, making it an "Ideal Accessory Item" for anyone who ventures into the Great Outdoors. The Boy Scouts of America feature this item in their Scout catalog of outdoor safety products.

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