New! Get out of the Woods... Faster and Easier!
Don't be caught draggin' without it!
  • The Ultimate Deer Drag is made from tubular arc welded aluminum and designed to be lightweight, yet very strong. (Weighs approx. 12 lbs.).
  • The fold-up hinged design can be easily strapped onto your back or it can be hand carried in its folded position into the woods.
  • Padded arc handles act as shoulder stabilizers and the attached body webbing holds the unit securely around your body.
  • To use: Just release all the straps and open the Deer Drag and lock it into the open position. Lay flat.
  • Lift the field-dressed deer up and onto the Deer Drag; have the deer's butt facing towards the wheel.
  • Fold in the hind legs and secure them using the lower web tension strap.
  • Fold in the front legs and secure them across the deer using the center tension web strap.
  • Strap the neck and head area of the deer to the top outside rungs on the Deer Drag.
  • Reset and lock in the padded handles to the pull position from their carry position. (Facing outward to PULL - inward to carry.
  • Stand in FRONT of the Deer Drag and pick up the handles while facing AWAY from the deer. Always PULL for greater control - do not attempt to push the Deer Drag with anything on it.
  • Always walk slowly and securely to maintain your balance while pulling the Deer Drag.
  • Deer Drag has a deep cut treaded wheel and a back mounted "kick plate". This allows it to go safely over small logs and rocks and provides for easy traversing through light snow, shallow ditches, rugged trails and moving through heavy mud.
  • Deer Drag will support and allow you to safely transport up to a 175 to 200 pound fully field dressed deer. Use all the straps to tightly secure your animal or gear.
  • Deer Drag is great for transporting any and all of your needed gear into your wooded hunting area or tree stand, and then haul it back out.
  • Deer Drag can be a great help for moving seed, tiller, and fertilizer in and out of your food plot.
  • Deer Drag can be easily stored in its folded position from season to season and stored in a closet, in your garage, or hanging on a wall.

Some Common Sense Maintenance Notes:

  • Check all moving parts at least yearly and occasionally apply some light oil to these areas to help ease movement.
  • Check regularly all of the nuts and bolts for tightness, as they may become loose after rough terrain use.
  • Leave covers on over the foam carry arms to prevent cutting or peeling of the foam. You can easily remove them and wash with mild detergent as needed.
  • Clean dirt and mud from treads of the tire area to facilitate easier movement.

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