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Extreme Pro-Tech BagThe "Next Generation" of Personal Outdoor Insulation Protection
Pro-Tech Bag

An Original SPACE® BLANKET Product

The NEW "EXTREME Pro-Tech Bag" is a revolutionary and technically advanced emergency-survival protection bag that provides "total personal protection" from all the ultra- harsh elements of nature. It is pressure and vacuum packed so that it is compact enough to fit into any waist pack or daypack and it weighs just 12 ounces. When needed, it opens to over 7 feet in length and expands to over 3 feet in width. It is fully waterproof and it has a closing draw cord to keep out wind, rain and/or snow.

What propels the "EXTREME Pro-Tech Bag" into the NEXT GENERATION of personal outdoor insulation protection is its unique patented construction. It is made with tough and durable outside layers of reflective polymer film to retain thermal body heat. The center layer is a perforated white layer that allows the unit to capture and retain a stable air layer to provide an effective insulation barrier. The entire unit is interspersed with elastic filaments and bonded together to combine all the structural elements into a "body forming" total personal insulation/protection device.


  • The thickness and the sealed corrugation channels of the bag walls create a layer of still air to provide trapped air insulation.
  • The precise perforation pattern of the center layer material controls the transmigration of moisture vapor.
  • The metallized surfaces reflect and retain radiated body heat emissions.
  • The elastic fibers cause the bag to "hug" the body increasing the insulation factor and reducing air convection between bag and body.
  • Extremely effective to minus 20° F

Tough, strong and durable, the EXTREME Pro-Tech Bag can be used over and over, and over again. Just fold over and roll up from the closed end, expelling all air outward as you roll. Compress product down to a manageable size. It will never go back to its original pack compact size. It is an emergency product, but also very useful when you do not want to carry or do not have a sleeping bag.

Extreme Package size

Package Size: 8.5" x 4.5" x 1.5"

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