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  • The GRASSHOPPER by MPI Outdoors is a compact multi-function light that has been designed exclusively for use in the outdoors. The unit is extremely lightweight, compact and made of durable sand blasted ABS polymers.
  • The GRASSHOPPER is powered by 4 AA batteries (not included) and can easily function as 1) a hand held flashlight, 2) as a table lamp, 3) as a mini-lantern or 4) as a directional focus spotlight. All of these functions are available when you need them with a simple twist and/or pull to transform the light's purpose.
  • The GRASSHOPPER can be used as a flashlight when is fully compressed down into itself. The base plate mounted dial switch allows you quick and easy on/off access, even while wearing gloves.
  • The GRASSHOPPER easily becomes a table lamp when its twin legs are extended and set as a base and the top band is extended to reveal the impact resistant clear mantle shield. This allows the light to be dispersed in a full 360° arc.
  • The GRASSHOPPER can be used as a hanging tent lamp by easily suspending it from its folding leg base, or by positioning and angling these bipedal legs it will form the perfect base for a focused spotlight on any work are you may need.
  • The GRASSHOPPER can be easily carried when the legs are closed, as they act as a handle. It is small enough to store in a glove compartment, in an outside pouch on you backpack or in a tackle box for area lighting while doing a little night fishing
  • The GRASSHOPPER is packed 6 to a fold up counter top display case. There are two (2) YELLOW, two (2) BLUE and two (2) GREEN to the assortment, allowing the consumer their personal choice of color preference.
  • BURN TIME: Over 3 hours of super bright light in continuous use.

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