A New and Better Way to Secure Accessory Storage onto Your Packs

Annex Multiple Piece App. Here
Multiple Annex System
Unlike other simple slotted clips that are used to secure accessory packs onto any web belt, the ANNEX CLIP™ is designed to hold more securely than all the others.
This is not a clip that can be easily twisted off when the attached item catches on some brush or if it is jostled in your trail movements, this is a locking device.
There is a positive locking mechanism when the clip is closed that locks the pouch securely in place on the webbing as well as provides for a simple, quick and easy release. The back of the clip is sewn directly into the product, so it will not and cannot dislodge or come off when it is in use.
Its unique flexible yet strong wing design allows it to open and fit down and through the attached webbing straps on your pack or belt and then it locks in place "over" the webbing for a tight and secure grip in all types of outdoors conditions. To release, just "squeeze" inward on the two wings and the positive locking hold easily releases.
All of the MPI Outdoors products that use this new secure locking system can also be affixed directly onto your belt, as we have also sewn in the standard belt loops.
Annex Single Piece App. Here
Single Annex System
Any of the MPI Accessory Packs can be added onto the SIERRA SPORTSMAN in place of, or in combination with the standard pouches that come with this product. You can customize the SIERRA SPORTSMAN to fit your field needs.
The MPI HYDRATION PACK makes excellent use of the ANNEX CLIP™ system. You can wear the HYDRATION PACK by itself; you can also remove the shoulder straps and waist belt assembly and then secure it tightly onto the forward panel of the MPI Outdoors TRAIL MASTER and on the HIGH UINTAH using the ANNEX CLIP system. This makes it easy and convenient to transport your water needs directly ON your daypack.
The Large MPI Accessory Pack can be added onto the front panel of the TRAIL MASTER, or the HIGH UINTAH, and affixed to the side belt panels of these packs or our PIONEER where we have also sewn in webbing slots to easily accept the ANNEX CLIP™ and accommodate the GPS-CELL Phone accessory pack.
  ANNEX CLIP™ is a registered trademark of ITW NEXUS.

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