Battery Powered Heated Socks
Warmth and Comfort in All Weather Conditions

Your feet are the engines that propel your body, and on cold or damp days if your feet are cold, you can usually assume that your outdoor adventure will not be very pleasant or comfortable. One way to always insure that your feet can be or will stay warm is to BE PREPARED…. Put on a pair of HEAT SOX, before you put on your boots. You are now prepared to help conquer that cold burning sensation that always starts in your toes and quickly spreads to your feet those cold or snowy days.

HEAT SOX are knitted with a combination of 50% Thermastat“, 30% high quality wool, 14% nylon and 5% acrylic yarns that form a very soft, yet extremely warm and truly comfortable fitting sock. What makes the HEAT SOX more beneficial than other quality boot socks is the addition of a battery pack and an embedded coil element that generates safe heat to keep your feet warm and comfortable, even on the coldest days.

HOW TO USE HEAT SOX: Insert a “D” cell alkaline battery into the battery pouch on the top elastic part of the sock with the positive (+) terminal of the battery facing up. To activate HEAT SOX just snap the pouch closed. The three position top mounted switch controls HIGH and LOW heat settings, adjust as needed to meet your comfort needs. To turn the heat off, just set the switch to the OFF position, we recommend that you unsnap the battery pouch and remove the battery. Always remove battery when not in use.

THE HEAT in HEAT SOX: The heating element of HEAT SOX is located within an enclosed area in the bottom of the toe area of the sock. The heating element is padded and protected and will keep your toes and feet warm, without any discomfort. The wires inside the soft black fabric channel run down the length of the inside of the sock. These “do not” produce any heat. HEAT SOX are Very Safe – low amperage electronics eliminates all possibility of shock or burn, even when wet.

BATTERY LIFE of HEAT SOX: New brand name “D” cell alkaline batteries will provide warming heat up to approximately 10 hours on the HIGH setting and up to 12 hours on the LOW setting. For best performance it is highly recommended that you use only high quality “D” cell alkaline batteries in your HEAT SOX. Always keep extra batteries with you when in the outdoors.

CARE and WASHING HEAT SOX: DO NOT pull or tug hard on the sock from the cuff area when putting on, as this may dislodge the wiring. HAND WASH in warm water with mild detergent. USE a gentle squeezing action to wash and rinse. DO NOT machine dry, hang dry or towel dry, lay flat if possible. DO NOT wring the socks, as you can damage the wiring.

OTHER HEAT SOX INFORMATION: Even without the battery inserted to produce heat, the HEAT SOX are an extremely high quality, very comfortable, and well-insulated pair of boot socks.

HEAT SOX are available in three sizes:
M – Medium Men sizes: 5 – 9 Women Sizes: 4 – 6
L – Large Men sizes: 9 – 12 Women Sizes: 6 – 10
XL – Extra Large Men Sizes: 12 – 15 Women Sizes: 10 – 12

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