MPI Outdoors FRONTIER, BASE CAMP, HIGH UINTAH and our TRAIL MASTER packs have been specifically designed to accept an “inside” the pack carried water bladder for all of your on-the-trail hydration needs.

Each of these packs listed above has a built-in separator support pouch that securely holds and supports the water bladder (not included). There is a reinforced slit opening top-of-the-pack exit hole for the tube, and there are “hose hold clips” mounted on each of the shoulder straps. You can securely position your drinking tube on whichever side is more convenient for your specific needs. Though water is heavy (2.2 pounds per liter), the special design of the MPI Outdoors packs makes it efficient, comfortable and strategically centers the load for you to easily carry.

Hydration is an important function towards having a successful day of hunting, and water is a matter of providing a measure of personal safety, health and potential survival. On those long days (hot or not) of trekking though woods and wilderness the body needs its lost fluids replenished. Though these MPI Outdoor packs do come equipped with a side water bottle pouch (a quality push/pull top bottle is included) there are those days when the contents of a single bottle of water will not be sufficient to meet your bodies hydration requirements.

Standard water bladders are available in a variety of outdoors retail locations and on the web. The most common sizes of bladders are those that have a capacity of at least 2-liters and are equipped with a special bite to release water flow system. Here are a few links where you can purchase high quality food grade bladders (no odor and good seals) that will fit perfectly into MPI Outdoors packs:

Bass Pro Shops:
Red Head Brand: Item #: 38-864-044-01

Kelty Brand: Item #: 87818

Nalgene Brand: Item #: 64164

If you choose to carry a separate Hydration System, for use on those days of scouting when you don’t carry a full daypack or as a means of transporting addition hydration needs for yourself or for your hunting group, then check out the MPI Outdoors HYDRATION PACK.

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