Why does MPI Outdoors do this…..

Put Double Zipper pulls on most openings.

We place this "extra" NO-RATTLE zipper pull on larger pockets and on the central part of the pack opening to make it easier for the user. They can elect to open the pocket or the pack from either right or left hand position, or from one side depending on the needed situation. Also ALL zippers are self-sealing, if they come apart just run the zipper pull back over them.

Add Extra length on our shoulder straps.

We add another 2 inches in length to every shoulder strap over what other commercial pack manufacturers supply, just for added comfort and a better fit. The shoulder straps are also embedded down inside and sewn 2 inches into the top section of all MPI Outdoors backpacks.

Sew over the ends of the webbing on straps.

We take this "extra measure" of time to insure that 1)- you can easily grip the strap end while making adjustments and 2)- that the strap itself will NOT easily wind its way back through the DELRIN™ adjustment

Use waist belt "Elastic Comfort Inserts".

This "added value" addition to all the packs in our line helps to make the wide 2" waist belt adjust more easily up and down and side to side to match your movements, rather than riding up on you it stretches and expands. This help makes for a more comfortable all day fit on the trail.

Make the water bottle pouches larger.

The partition for the water bottle is made intentionally a little larger than the standard 22 oz. water bottle. We do this so that the user can opt to employ any other water bottle, use any other bottled water, a thermos bottle or utilize this hand size pocket for a radio, gear, etc. The sewn around elastic edge entry ensures a good holding grip on the contents and makes for ease of accessibility.

Use a Bonded Nylon Thread.

MPI Outdoors uses only high quality #69 bonded nylon thread because of its time proven strength and its known outdoor-environment durability.

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