MPI Outdoors has chosen to add this proven structurally stable product in combination with SADDLE CLOTH® into a wide variety of its 2001 line of backpacks and certain waist packs. The primary choice for opting to design in this "other" fabric into our products was two fold:

1- Do to the "thin" multi-layered design of SADDLE CLOTH®, which at times under extreme use conditions, can put destructive pressure on stitch seams we had to find a way to reinforce these seams without making the seams thicker and/or doubled over. With the addition of this tight weave material to support and securely hold our bonded thread seams we were able to maintain the positive characteristics of SADDLE CLOTH® and still provide a guarantee of seam security and stability for all our packs.

2- SABER CLOTH™ is very abrasion resistant; it is waterproof and is a very dimensionally stable material that will hold its shape, color and integrity for many years. This added benefit "adds" a measure of greater durability, security and longevity to the MPI Outdoors line of Hunting Packs.


SABER CLOTH™ is a very tight woven blend of continuous polyester fibers laminated to a coated backing layer for added strength and water repellency. It has great UV resistant capabilities, and the pure black color blends naturally with the shadows in woodland situations. Since the fabric is "ONLY" used on the back panels and on the underside of the shoulder straps, it does not detract or deter the effects of the chosen camouflage pattern. It is also a quiet material.

Why the back panels and underside of shoulder straps?

The back panel supports the full outside length, height and width of the pack; the perimeter seams are anchored through the SADDLE CLOTH® material and into the much stronger SABER CLOTH™, making for a safe and secure seam system. The shoulder strap carries all the full packs weight and with our "Snap and Go" system of adjustable webbing and quick releases material allows for a solid, secure and safe integrity seam. The S.S.S.S. method used on our shoulder straps is unique to MPI Outdoors and makes "our" packs virtually "bullet-proof" from strap failures in the field. Since the back panel and the underside of the shoulder straps is where rubbing abrasion always occurs this new material will provide greater durability and abrasion resistance in these critical areas for many years.

What does this change mean to the hunter and dealer?

This "NEW" MPI Outdoors "innovation" provides a very visual recognition of the improved structural integrity of our packs in all types of in-field use and abuse. These improvements along with our unique designs and product features DO make MPI Outdoors Hunting Packs the strongest, most reliable, most versatile and some of the best designed packs on the market for the money.

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