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Strength Support Strap System

MPI Outdoors is pleased to introduce its exclusive new reinforcement system for all of the shoulder strap assemblies on the 2001 Hunting line of backpacks.

All MPI Outdoors Hunting packs are manufactured exclusively with SADDLE CLOTH® pack grade fabric. While SADDLE CLOTH® is a very soft, very quiet and water repellent material it does not possess any great tear resistant capabilities when needle punctured because of its micro-fiber layered construction.
Shoulder straps place a great amount of stress and strain on the stitched seams of SADDLE CLOTH®. They alone have to carry the weight of the pack, are stretched and pulled constantly when adjusting for fit and are wrongly used as handles to carry a loaded pack.
Recognizing that there are critical stress points in these areas, that have in the past caused in-field failures, MPI Outdoors set out to find a "better way" to still employ the great characteristics of SADDLE CLOTH® and at the same time be able to provide optimum reinforcement and security in their strap assemblies.
The result of this endeavor was our totally new, exclusive and creatively innovative Strength-Support-Strap-System (SSSS).

SSSS is a dedicated four-part major improvement system that integrates the use of proven structurally stable materials coupled with creative design functions to provide superior strength and durability to all of the strap pressure points

1- Experiencing first hand the inherent structural problems with putting pressure point stitch lines directly into SADDLE CLOTH®, MPI Outdoors now uses a very strong tight weave, yet quiet SABER CLOTH™ material for all back panels, all strap anchor points and the underside of the shoulder straps. This provides for firm attachment points into a structural woven material.

2- ALL MPI Outdoors shoulder straps are now affixed down 2 inches inside the top of the pack body and are anchored into the SABER CLOTH™ using a "cross X stitch" and a "four side box stitch" through a 2" wide overlap piece of polyester webbing for added structural integrity.

3- ALL shoulder strap "Snap and Go" adjustment release straps are now sewn directly into the SABER CLOTH™ underside of the shoulder strap using a "cross X stitch", a "four side box stitch" and a fold over lock stitch on the end.

4- The side anchor points for the adjustment strap webbing are now made from SABER CLOTH™ in an angled seam insert with the webbing encased inside this tough material, edge stitched and then bias cross stitched for maximum strength.

Also, all MPI Outdoors backpack and fanny packs waist belts are now fitted with a 2" elastic "comfort" insert. This addition to the waist belt now allows for maximum comfort of movement when bending, turning or walking. The waist belt will not cut into your side, as it is now able to stretch in and out or up and down along with your body movement.

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