Where to Purchase Our Products

Most MPI Outdoors HUNTING products are available at retail through your local independent hunting store.

MPI Outdoors is an independent privately owned American business, so we truly value the contributions for your hunting needs, the fostering of our American hunting tradition and to your community that are provided by your local retailer. These independent hunting retailers truly embody the spirit of American entrepreneurship and help maintain a local outlet for your specific needs. In this regards we have chosen not to sell our products though discount mass merchandisers. We hope that you will ask your local hunting retailer to contact MPI Outdoors for a catalog of our Hunting packs and accessory items.

MPI Outdoors is the manufacture of the products listed on this site and is not in the business of selling directly to consumers. In order to facilitate the opportunity for you to have the in-field advantages of our unique products for all your hunting adventures, should you be unable to find our products in your local area, please click on the button below. This link will take you to GEAR 101, an independent on-line retailer who has all our Hunting packs and accessories available to you on their site. You can reach this on-line ordering site through the button below or you call them directly at 1-800-421-1223.


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