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MPI Outdoors is the manufacturer of the Original SPACE® Brand BLANKETS, which have been a mainstay product in the outdoor market since 1964. The SPACE® Brand BLANKET is your time tested and field tested assurance of quality, reliability and dependability, when you really need to rely on it. Don't be misled by the imported imitations, they can be of varying quality and performance.

MPI Outdoors manufactures and distributes a wide range of unique personal safety, comfort and protection products for use by the avid or casual outdoors enthusiast. See some of the products on the list on your right and on our other product line sections.
Enjoy your time reading the product listings, the related articles and our personal safety outlines that we have placed on this site. PLEASE REMEMBER, that these are "common sense" guidelines and suggestions that have been placed here to allow you to ALWAYS think positively and hopefully this collection of articles will supply you the initiative to explore the individual categories in more depth, so that you can better create your own personal plans.
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