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MPI Outdoors Netting Products

Mosquito Netting Regardless of where your outdoor adventure travels may take you, East from the rolling Appalachians to the Western majestic peaks of Yosemite, from the beautiful Northern Boundary Waters to the Southern swampy bayous of Louisiana, biting insects can and will be at times a very serious problem for all outdoor enthusiasts. From the pain and discomfort of a simple mosquito bite (or more), to the swarming attacks of ³no-see-ums² or the sting of green or black-headed flies, insects have the real potential to ruin your adventure and to potentially harm your health.

MPI Outdoors is pleased to offer a quality line of personal netting products for use by all outdoor enthusiasts. Knowing the conditions that can occur in the outdoors as we do from our long experience in personal protection products for the outdoor enthusiast, we developed a line of products that are extremely high quality and extremely useful and beneficial to the average outdoor person. Our field-testing shows these products will more than provide you the very best possible protection from biting insects in a wide variety of outdoor situations. Here are some of the quality features we have chosen to incorporate into our very functional designs.

Holes Per Square Inch: This is an important factor to consider when purchasing any personal protection netting products. It is a critical consideration for keeping all those small biting insects away from you. Check out the micro weave count of holes per sq. inch of MPI Outdoors Netting compared to other netting products on the market.

Highest Quality Materials: All MPI Outdoors Netting products are extremely porous and very strong with no restraints on breathing or for pass through airflow. The very fine mesh will never obscure your field of vision.

Extreme Durability: All MPI Outdoors Netting products are made from extremely strong and durable materials that are engineered for long product life, even after constant field use.

Comfort: All MPI Outdoors Netting products are very soft and supple to the touch, they will never feel stiff nor will they ever abrade your skin. All draw cords and tie attachments are engineered into the design (not add-ons) to be totally functional, yet in positions that are out of your way for your ease of movement and safety.

Weight and Size: All MPI Outdoors Netting products are lightweight and compact neatly into their own drawstring carry pouches. You can, and should easily stow and pack them along with you on every trip, for protection from all biting insects.

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