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NORTHWOODS, the name conjures up images of a very rugged and wild countryside where having the right gear is really essential. The NORTHWOODS line of handheld flashlights has been purposely designed for reliable and dependable use in the rugged, tough and demanding terrain of the great outdoors. These lights are engineered with a slimmer overall profile, drawing their power supply needs from "C" and "AA" batteries. This makes them weigh a lot less than conventional "D" battery powered lights, thus making them lighter, but with the same brightness power of the much heavier and bulkier lights.

  • NORTHWOODS flashlights are constructed of tough and durable ABS polymer with a ribbed sandblasted matte body finish for secure gripping, even with wet hands. The highly visible bright yellow color makes these lights much easier to locate when needed.
  • NORTHWOODS also feature a unique multi-faceted prismatic lens reflector system for added forward focused brilliance from its pre-focused Krypton bulb.
  • The extra length tether allows for ease in slipping over your wrist so that in some situations if you loose control your light does not bounce off down the hill, out of the tree or into the water.
  • Intentionally designed to be a slim multi-purpose outdoor light, the NORTHWOODS will easily fit into any outside pack compartment, in your jacket or shirt pocket or affixed to a hanging ring on your waist back or back pack.
  • NORTHWOODS comes packaged complete with Heavy-Duty batteries, so you can begin to use the lights at once, without any extra purchase of batteries.
  • NORTHWOODS is available in two "value-priced" highly visible clamshell pack options;
  • 3C and 2C combination - A great lightweight duo.
  • 3C - 2C - 2AA-combination - A very versatile assortment.

BURN TIMES: 3C : up to x hours 2C: up to x hours 2AA: up to x hours

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