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SEABROOK is a special design range of flashlights that were intentionally engineered to be used where durability and having real waterproof characteristics are essential. These lights are ideal for use on a boat, in your camper, truck, car, at home or around the campsite.

The SEABROOK lights are totally waterproof to a depth of 30 feet. They feature RF sealed lens structures and secure no-leak switches. These truly "tough use" lights are available in a your choice of a compact 2AA size, a versatile 2D size and a powerful beam 4AA size.

  • SEABROOK lights feature a thick protective rubber lens and bottom of the case wrap. This extra feature helps to protect the light when dropped.
  • There is a hanger hook that folds in and out neatly into the bottom of the light which allows you to hang the light on a hook or attached a lanyard if desired.
  • SEABROOK flashlights are constructed of tough and durable ABS polymer with a special finger location grip system that is molded into the body. The sandblasted matte body and the indented grip markers help ensure good gripping, even with wet hands.
  • SEABROOK flashlights also feature NO-ROLL protrusions on the underside of the tank to prevent rolling when placed flat on a table. There is also a wrap around feature on the switch that prevents accidental turn on when stowed or packed away.
  • All SEABROOK lights are equipped with pre-focused Krypton bulbs that provide a very consistent, bright and brilliant light source. They are easily and simply replaced with any commercially available replacement bulb.
  • SEABROOK lights come packaged complete with Heavy-Duty batteries, so you can begin to use the lights at once, without any extra purchase of batteries.
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