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  • Facts about the Whitetail Deer -
  • Hunting the Whitetail Deer-
  • Wild Turkey Tips and Facts -
  • Fly Fishing Tips -
  • Bass Bait Tips-
  • Varmint Hunting -
  • Firearms Safety, Firearms repair and Firearms care. Absolutely great site with Acrobat (.pdf) file downloads of booklets and information on shooting safety.
  • Need a quick visual review of "how to properly a knife by using a stone or any of the other commercially available sharpening systems, visit Steve's Knife Sharpening Tips.
  • Real hunting tips from real hunters. This virtual hunting tips encyclopedia is the ultimate database of great hunting tips. These hunting tips have been learned through millions of hours of our readers' real life hunting experiences.
  • From Luhr-Jensen & Sons here is a collection of reports that have been assembled by their Staff Fishing Pro's and Designers, as well as their Field Testers, Guides and Reps.
  • Lures-online provides new exciting lure designs and over 100 pages of information about lure fishing. Learn to design and make your own timber or plastic fishing lures, following a step-by-step procedure. Learn to mould your own plastic crank baits, surface lures with ease, and how to use them to catch a variety of fish species. Australian company.
  • Each fishing or rigging knot on this site has a specific task that it performs. A good knowledge of knots is an essential part of everyday fishing. Marine News allows you to print out any of the more than 20 tying demonstrations on this site to practice at your leisure.
  • This section is primarily for those of you getting into fly-fishing for the first time. Actually, there is a lot o us 'older-experienced' fly fishers who could use some brush up. So, no matter your level of expertise or experience, try this site for some inside info on understanding the basics of fly-fishing.
  • Muzzle loading has become "the new-old way" to enjoy the thrill of the hunt. Find all about the new more accurate design of rifles, the new more powerful bullets and the excitement that this growing shooting segment offers. Great informational site by CVA, Winchester Muzzleloading and Power Belt Bullets.
  • One of the toughest freshwater species in the world, the peacock's bone-jarring strikes, aerial acrobatics and line-stripping runs make it the ultimate quarry for both the fly and plug angler.




  • Did you ever wonder how the Indians made flint arrowheads, here is an online video demonstration of the process.
  • Want to try your hand at "flint-napping" arrowheads? Here's who sells the parts.
  • Find out more about Native American Skills and History at this informational site.
  • Need a quick visual review of "how to properly sharpen a knife", a booklet on "how to buy the right knife for your needs", or some pointers on "field dressing big game" a good synopsis with visual diagrams is available in the KNIFE KNOW HOW section at
  • The Lyme Disease Network is a non-profit foundation dedicated to public education of the prevention and treatment of Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses. Check out answers to such questions as; a tick has bitten me, where can I take it to be tested, how can I protect my property against ticks, how many cases of Lyme disease were reported in my state, and a lot of other information.
  • Staying Warm and Comfortable in the Outdoors - Not A Problem. ThinsulateÒ has a great outline on their website under WARM TIPS that covers the Physics of Insulating, Why your feet get cold first and even a Master Plan for dressing for the elements.
  • Shoulder harnesses and belt sheaths that allow you to conceal and comfortable carry, yet still provide instant access to your bladed tool.
  • Do you need a First-Aid Kit for your hunting dog? Kits designed for use in the field while hunting, training or during field trials.
  • This site is intended to be a source of information about North American animals and their tracks. The joy of tracking is in solving the mysteries out there. Every time you go tracking, you will find new stories written on the ground, just waiting for you to unlock their secrets.

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