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This is only a suggested outline for a personal outdoor survival kit; it is by no means all encompassing. Always customize your kit to meet your specific needs.

12" x 24" sheets of Aluminum foil

Fold for cooking, fire reflector from wind or use to signal

Heavy plastic bag, preferably Zip-Lock

Use for water, food storage, keeping things dry

SPACE® Brand Emergency Blanket

Shelter, signaling, personal protection and warmth

A high shrill whistle

3 short blasts is a recognized distress signal

A good quality Compass

Navigation needs

Waterproof wooden matches and tinder

Provide ability for fire starting

Bright colored Bandanna or cloth

Filtering dirty water, signaling, head band, sling

Bouillon cubes or instant soup mix, salt/pepper

Sustenance--boil water in aluminum foil, add spices

Small AA or AAA flashlight-batteries possible a set of extra batteries

Provides light, signaling and for your personal well being

Small multiple function knife

For your general tool needs

Water purification tablets

Insures you have potable water

Fishing kit

Line, hooks, lures, snares

Signal mirror

Visual signaling

Wire saw

Shelter building, tinder making

Pieces of hard candy or a high energy bar

Survival food, peace of mind

Heavy Duty cord, thread/needle

Shelters, snares, repairs

Insect repellent and lip balm

Personal comfort/protection

Small first aid kit: Bandages, antiseptic, pills, etc.

Suited to terrain and your personal needs

Pocket Hand Warmer

Ideal for staving off hypothermia

Survival Notes-make your own or use The Brunton® Life Card

Reminder guide of what to do and what not to do

A picture of your loved ones

For the will to survive

  • The purpose of a Personal Survival Kit is two-fold:
  1. To supply you with the items necessary to provide for your physiological well being in an emergency situation, and
  2. As a means to create a positive sense of psychological security, just knowing it's there when and if you need it.
  • Store your Personal Survival Kit items in a small brightly colored or easily identifiable zippered pouch, one that is easy to carry with you at all times and can be easily and quickly located in times of crisis.
  • Add a local terrain map if available, and any extra personal medication needs
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